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Panoramic view of Senj

Senj is a historic town located north of the Adriatic, recognizable by two symbols: the fortress of Nehaj, and the bora of Senj.


A pure sea, beautiful beaches and many events such as the summer carnival and the winter carnival make it an attractive tourist center.

The castle

Nehaj (or the castle of Senj) is the symbol of the city of Senj. It is on top of a hill, and overlooks the city.


The Beaches

There are several beaches within a few minutes of the city center of Senj, the most popular of which is Skver, but there are also: Diga, Banja and Prva draga

The Carnival

For the residents of Senj, the summer carnival is the most important event of the year. The big parade gathers every year more than 3000 disguised people.

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