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The castle of Senj


Nehaj Fortress

Nehaj (or the castle of Senj) is located at the top of a hill, overlooking the city. This fortress was built by the Croatian army under the direction of Captain Ivan Lenkovic, in order to defend the city of Senj against Ottomans and Venetians in 1558.

The visit, and walk

Opportunity to visit the interior of the castle, and climb to the top to discover a magnificent panorama of the coast, the islands, and the city of Senj.

It is also possible to walk with your family in the park around the castle.


Zora the redhead

The castle of Senj and the city, served as a backdrop to the series "Zora the redhead".

A German-Swiss-Yugoslav television series in thirteen twenty-six-minute episodes produced by Fritz Umgelter based on Kurt Held's novel Zora the Redhead.

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